Friday, November 4, 2016

The Teamsters November Bomb

           The Teamsters Independent Investigations Officer Joseph diGenova has tossed a bomb into the closing days of voting for the union’s hierarchy revealing extensive investigations are underway into whether Teamsters officials and employers enjoyed just pleasantly cozy or seriously corrupt relationships.
            In the opening blast, International Secretary Treasurer Ken Hall was accused by diGenova of stonewalling his demand for many internal union emails through delaying tactics and “mysteriously” disappearing documents.
            Teamsters International President James P. Hoffa has been given 90 days to consider bringing internal union charges, based on diGenova’s allegations, against Hall. Otherwise, the case would go to the Teamsters Independent Review Officer Benjamin Civiletti for his determination.

            The allegations against Hall have popped into public view just a few days before the mail ballot deadline for control of Teamster international hierarchy. Teamsters United, the opposition slate whose presidential candidate is Fred Zuckerman, urged Teamsters who want to get rid of the Hoffa administration to mail their ballots by Nov. 9 in order to meet the vote count deadline.

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