Tuesday, November 22, 2016


       Fred Zuckerman, who came very close to winning the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has emerged from this month’s election as “the relentless Teamster.”
          Instead of returning to his Louisville home base to contemplate what might have been, Zuckerman told a thousand listeners to a post-elction telephone debriefing: “We’re not waiting for the next election.” His declared strategy is to urge his Teamster United adherents to run against Hoffa loyalists heading Teamsters locals.
          Zuckerman tallied more votes in the United States than incumbent General President James P. Hoffa. However Candian Teamsters handed the victory, another five-year term, to Hoffa. The final count: 102,401 for Hoffa to 96,377 for Zuckerman.
          Teamsters United candidates managed to win six of the International’s 22 vice presidential slots. In the Central Region: Avral Thompson, Tony Jones, Bob Kopystynsky, and Bill Frisky; in the Southern Region: John Palmer and Kim Schultz.
          Zuckerman’s drive to eventually oust the Hoffa administration centers on his opposition to the cozy relationships with bosses, which have led to continuing allegations of corruption; concessionary contracts; and imposing contracts rejected by the rank and file.


Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hillary, oh Hillary
Why did you run
did hubris blind you
to what Donald
would brand you:
crooked Hillary-

Your golden words
cost Wall Streeters
$225,000 a speech
a sum that resonated
with working stiffs
in MI, WI, Ohio

The added costs
were not only
Donald’s ugly words
but the four-year
nightmare America
must endure

(Written in November, 2016 as I reflected on the reasons why thousands of working class Democrats in the battleground states--either voted for Donald Trump or left their ballots blank on the presidential line. Hillary Clinton charged in the realm of $225,000 a speech, more than an ordinary worker could even dream of piling up in a lifetime--and she made more than 90 of those speeches from 2013 to 2015.)

Sunday, November 13, 2016


In the minute before midnight
I ask
Donald, will you
take us
into the darkness
you promised?

Or will the strong man
turn back
in the face
of reality
or the uproar
in the streets?

There will be a dawn
after you
there always is
and America will
shine brightly again
despite you.

(Written on Nov. 13, 2016--50 days before
Donald Trump’s inauguration.)

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Teamsters November Bomb

           The Teamsters Independent Investigations Officer Joseph diGenova has tossed a bomb into the closing days of voting for the union’s hierarchy revealing extensive investigations are underway into whether Teamsters officials and employers enjoyed just pleasantly cozy or seriously corrupt relationships.
            In the opening blast, International Secretary Treasurer Ken Hall was accused by diGenova of stonewalling his demand for many internal union emails through delaying tactics and “mysteriously” disappearing documents.
            Teamsters International President James P. Hoffa has been given 90 days to consider bringing internal union charges, based on diGenova’s allegations, against Hall. Otherwise, the case would go to the Teamsters Independent Review Officer Benjamin Civiletti for his determination.

            The allegations against Hall have popped into public view just a few days before the mail ballot deadline for control of Teamster international hierarchy. Teamsters United, the opposition slate whose presidential candidate is Fred Zuckerman, urged Teamsters who want to get rid of the Hoffa administration to mail their ballots by Nov. 9 in order to meet the vote count deadline.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ATTENTION: Tom Wolfe, the answer to human speech is explained in OOOEELIE.

In the New York Times review of Tom Wolfe’s THE KINGDOM of SPEECH, the author is quoted as asking (in the book): "What is it that has left endless generations of academics, certified geniuses, utterly baffled when it comes to speech?”
Let me offer a simple solution to the mystery encountered by those geniuses: Oooeelie taught men to speak. Oooeelie was a canine being--from a planet in the Sirius system--whose space ship crash-landed on earth tens of thousands of years ago.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some insights for readers of THE DREAM DANCER

        The essence of my novel, THE DREAM DANCER, is the relationship between a singular man and his God, Koona Manitou or the great spirit.
          Coop Rever, the protagonist of THE DREAM DANCER, is an accomplished author and war correspondent living in Paris when he is propelled by signals from “the other world” to pursue a mission he doesn’t want.
Coop’s destiny as the Mythical Dancing Wolf, the prophet and protector of the Okwe native-American band’s way of life,was set when he used a bayonet to kill a German soldier after the DD Landing.
As the Mythical Dancing Wolf, Coop does some very savage things. Among them, the brutal killing of a young girl, who might appear to be an innocent. So many awful things are done by men in the name of God, as we see in the news almost every day.
Coop’s killing isn’t an act of terrorism, but an attempt to sever the roots of the Kings Family’s hundred years plus campaign to destroy the Okwe.
When he finds himself sentenced to life in a dreadful prison for what white men consider almost unforgivable crimes, Coop violates the Okwe ethos by calling upon the Koona Manitou to rescue him. But as everyone discovers who calls upon God for help whatever answers come are indirect.
And in the novel, there are signals from “the other world,” in the form or allusions to the beaver, Coop’s power spirit, but they aren’t happy ones.
His days, weeks, months and years in prison drag on with intense suffering at times: solitary confinement, loss of an eye, beatings, and attempted humiliations. Only attempted because Coop has the self-confidence of a lifetime of achievements and is in the exalted position of being the Mythical Dancing Wolf (or the Dream Dancer), the chosen savior of his people.
There are moments of relief in his confinement: the decent prison guard and the recognition of his writing by the President of the United States.
Coop’s courage never waivers--although he comes close. Through it all he remains a warrior.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another five-star review of THE ABSCONDER

         In a brief, but welcome, review of my novel, THE ABSCONDER, on Smashwords, Luke Short wrote: “This is a well written book. The characters are well developed. I saw where the protagonist was headed early in the book. This is a dark story.”
          Mr. Short gave THE ABSCONDER five stars.