Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 99-cent novels

I recently cut the price of my three novels, OOOEELIE, THE DREAM DANCER, and THE JYNX to 99 cents on Kindle. After trying to sell them at $3.99 and $4.99, I came to accept Joe Konrath’s sage advice on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing that “Cheap sells. Free sells even more.”
Of course, I knew all about free. The three novels are offered as free e-books on Smashwords and obooko, while they are up for sale at bargain prices on Kindle and as paperbacks on Amazon.
In reality, Joe Konrath might have saved me $500. Seeing that my three novels weren’t moving, I decided to set out to push OOOEELIE with an advertising budget of $500. Research showed me that I could place classified ads in two literary publications for three months for a total of a little more than $300.
Further research led me to Konrath and others, but he was the best leaving me convinced that paid advertising might very well be a waste of money for an author as insignificant me.
On Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, Kindle listed the books at 99 cents for the first time—and I sold a copy of THE DREAM DANCER that day. As any author knows, there is no more a joyous feeling than selling a book or I should say books. For an Indie-author like me one book excites that feeling. Maybe it takes a 100,000-book-day to stir James Patterson.

A suggestion: My novel, THE PENCIL ARTIST is available as an e-book on Smashwords, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble; as a paperback on Amazon.

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