Friday, May 28, 2010


I was 21 before I had the joy of seeing my first poem in print. My grandson, Cole, is 12. At that age I certainly didn’t display the talent this poem of his reveals.
I’m sure the casual reader won’t experience the pleasure I do in reading this account of our baking adventures:

Old Friend By: Cole Hattler

My old friend is my grandfather
We visit him at least once a year
We are always coming and going
Whether it is raining or snowing
But the thing we do the most at his place
Is to gather in the kitchen to sit down and bake
We bake cake and cookies
And eat them for dinner
Often times we will have some company
Who will always say our cakes look lovely
They decide it’s time to take a bite
And tell us all that is tastes just right
My old friend and I are so very proud
You even heard what our guest shouted aloud
My old friend and I, we get up early the next morning
So we may plan what we will bake next!

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