Friday, June 18, 2010


When my sisters, Gloria and Miriam, came over for dinner recently, I gave each a copy of my science fiction novel, OOOEELIE. After we had our goat cheese on slices of baguette; lamb tagine on flavored rice, red wine and water, and finally a strawberry tart with whipped cream accompanied by Scottish tea, Gloria held up OOOEELIE and asked, “Why do you write novels.” I responded, “For the same reason poets write poetry, artists paint, and sculptors sculpt.”
Gloria didn’t ask the follow up question and I didn’t offer what would have been the follow up response: What prompts the creative impulse. The answer lies in man emulating god; the desire to be godlike, to be a creator. How else to explain cave art, early jewelry, tattooing, the stone-age Venus figurines, the first musicians, the story tellers around the fire? From the very start, after finding food enough to fill their bellies, men and women have been driven to create.

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