Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bibliotastic an inviting new outlet for indie authors

Every indie author hungers for a review, no less a number of reviews., the latest indie author outlet on the scene, not only urges its audience to review the ebooks downloaded but also provides a team of in-house reviewers. Potentially, you can get inside and outside reviews.
When the site was officially launched on Feb. 6, 2011, London-based bibliotastic proclaimed that it “aspires to be to the free ebook market what YouTube is to user-generated video.” That is pretty ambitious, but what really caught my eye was the statement by Bernard Gerard, one of the co-founders, said: “What our authors long for more than anything is feedback from the reader.” No kidding. All of us indie authors hunger for just that.
I have added my novel, THE HERO, to’s list in the mystery category. I look forward to a review of THE HERO by the editors with some excitement and trepidation. Will they get around to reviewing it; will they find it marvelous, mundane or somewhere in between? My personal opinion: I consider THE HERO a really good book, better than most, but nowhere as good as my novel, THE DREAM DANCER, which is the closest I have come to a work of art.
The bibliotastic site lists three regular reviewers; it is worth going to the page to read their brief bios. With just three regulars it could be a while to read your book reviewed, if ever. So indie authors had better hurry to list their books before the queues for reviews go around the block.

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