Monday, July 18, 2011

THE DREAM DANCER soars as a freebie

Over the weekend, Amazon cut the price of my novel, THE DREAM DANCER, from a modest 99 cents for a Kindle copy to zero, free, nothing. The impact?
On the first day of the giveaway, Saturday, July 16, 2011, there were 553 downloads of THE DREAM DANCER putting the novel at 181 on Kindle’s free-ebooks best seller list; number five in Literary Fiction and number three in the Occult genre.
By the following day (Sunday), there had been 2,022 downloads with THE DREAM DANCER ranked 69 on Kindle’s free-ebooks best seller list; number one in both the Occult and Mythology genres, and number two in Literary Fiction.
For the first half of July while THE DREAM DANCER was still selling for 99 cents, one copy was sold providing me with a royalty of 35 cents. Now I wish the 2000 plus readers who downloaded this now free ebook had been willing to pay the measly penny short of a dollar, but they weren’t.
I must admit I’m happy just to have more readers, especially thousands of more readers.
For those who don’t know what the term downloading means, let me explain: Downloading an ebook is like selecting a hard-copy book from a bookstore or library shelf. You add it to the lists of books on your Kindle, or whatever device you are using, and hopefully read it.
I consider THE DREAM DANCER my best novel. In the two years that it has been available through Amazon, no one has reviewed it. I was happy to see one person clicked “the like it button” over the weekend.
I hope that all the 2,000 plus downloaders (so far) will read THE DREAM DANCER and that some among them will review it. And most of all I hope that thousands more will download and try it.
Oh, the reason for Amazon slashing the price? The company has a policy offering its books for the lowest price out there. THE DREAM DANCER was being distributed by Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, etc. as a freebie. Amazon discovered that and matched it.

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