Monday, August 15, 2011

The seed of The Absconder

The seed of my latest novel, THE ABSCONDER, was planted during my boyhood in Woodside, Queens when three young fellows went on a robbery spree in 1950 killing a poor soul while trying to steal his car.
Two of the killers, who lived within blocks of me, were executed in Sing Sing within a year. The third member of the trio was saved from the chair, but spent the next 28 years in prison..
THE ABSCONDER is the story of a fictional version of that survivor, who goes on the run rather than being returned to prison by a vengeful parole officer.
If you could ask the classic question of protagonists: What do you want? his
answer would be: “To walk free through fields of wheat, no matter what the cost.”
One of the underlying themes of THE ABSCONDER is fulfillment of the Jesuit premise: “Give me the boy, and I will give you the man.”
THE ABSCONDER is now available on Kindle, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Sony.

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