Friday, August 10, 2012

A review of The Trinity Game by Sean Chercover

The Trinity Game is a religio-mystery thriller in which author Sean Chercover displays an admirable imagination. God comes off as an unknowable entity while the Catholic Church hierarchy and born-again television evangelists are depicted as selfish, dismal creatures serving mammon and misleading their gullible flocks. The Rev. Tim Trinity, a con-man, faith healer, TV evangelist, finds he really believes in God when he truly speaks in tongues—rather than cynically using the technique to extract cash from his audience. CNN and its talking heads are a significant element in the background of the story along with the sorrowful economic state of print journalism. So from what I have written so far you can see that this is not a book for blindly religious and sensitive Catholics or Protestants. Daniel Byrne, The Trinity Game’ priest protagonist and professional debunker of miracles, is very much an ordinary man in his hunger for a woman, finer foods, and good alcohol. Chercover is so engaging a writer that I had some difficulty in putting The Trinity Game down as the night grew near morning and my bedtime. Towards the end, the book slows to the mundane of a Hollywood thriller, but it is an acceptable conclusion, but stops The Trinity Game from being a great novel. Overall The Trinity Game is well worth reading.

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