Friday, October 26, 2012

THE JYNX is a great contemporary novel

A Kindle reviewer who calls himself LP “as can be” from Houston, Texas gave THE JYNX a five-star review under
the heading “A wonderful contemporary read.” Here is the review: In perusing free titles for the Kindle, I found The Jynx. I was not won over with the description (neither clamming or sculpting struck me as overly interesting), but decided to give it a try. One week later, I was through with this thoroughly enjoyable read. Mr. Crowe's characters have both real world problems and complexities. I find some contemporary fiction has too many characters with "issues." There are no perfect people in The Jynx, but the conflicts they face are easily related without being boring. Billy is a wonderful protagonist who, despite his age and seemingly fixed lifestyle, evolves through his relationships with others in the book and his art. The conclusion arrives abruptly but with a satisfactory finality. The Jynx is a great contemporary novel and I hope to read more from Mr. Crowe soon.

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