Sunday, March 2, 2014

A five-star review of THE TRUCKERS

This is the first online review of my novel, THE TRUCKERS, which is a combination parallel and sequel to my nonfiction book, COLLISION/How the Rank and File Took Back the Teamsters: 5.0 out of 5 stars Another Good Story by Kenneth C. Crowe February 14, 2014 By Miles Henri Sumner Format:Kindle Edition I think I like the way Mr. Crowe writes. This is the third book by Mr. Crowe that I've read. His work is not boring. In 'Truckers' I began to recall my time as a member of the Teamsters Union in Los Angeles, California, both before and after my military service in the 1960's. This story exposes, mostly in the perspective of the Organized Labor Zealot, how power and corruption tend to go hand-in-hand. Now that I live in the Philippines (there are no Unions here) I recognize the beneficial effect Unionization has had on the lifestyle of the American worker, even though it's another layer of bureaucracy that must be nourished at the consumers' expense. This story is fiction, yet there are parallels to real people and events; don't look for the answer to the question: "where is Jimmy Hoffa?" ! ! ! Miles, a voracious reader, has reviewed six of my seven online novels giving each a five-star rating. Obviously, I appreciate his positive view of my books.

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