Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Paula Milne’s THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND, a three-part BBC TV series, is an enjoyable experience for viewers with a serious or literary mindset. I watched the series on Netflix immediately realizing that THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND along with the UK and US versions of HOUSE of CARDS fit into what has become a genre: political ambition with a nasty zing. While both versions of HOUSE of CARDS are spiced with humor and ridiculous bombings and other forms of murder, THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND is written in a more serious vein, more satisfying for the viewers who feel a touch of contempt for casual killings and explosions. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed HOUSE of CARDS, US and UK. Note that I led this blog with Paula Milne’s name because I attribute the core excellence of the show to her writing. The two leading actors, Emily Watson and David Tennant, turn in memorable performances as does everyone else in the cast. I found THE POLITICIAN’S HUSBAND through a search of Emily Watson’s films on Netflix after seeing her in APPROPRIATE ADULT, a film worth watching. Next, I am planning to watch Paula Milne’s THE POLITICIAN’S WIFE, another three-part series, which is available as a single disc on DVD.

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Try it, enjoy it, and if you are in the mood, review it.

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