Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My thoughts on “Low Winter Sun”

“Low Winter Sun,” the 10-part series set in the nether world of cops and criminals in Detroit, is worth watching for the writing, the story, the characters, and the atmosphere of one of America’s fallen cities. Two piercing characters stand out: The protagonist, homicide detective Frank Agnew, who is driven to extremes by maddened love. And, Sean Foster who emerges from the depths of a failed police career, drunkenness, homelessness, and dope as an heroic figure to make an extraordinary sacrifice for his old comrade Frank Agnew. It reminded me of one soldier dying to save another on a battlefield. In a stretch, Sean Foster could be viewed as a metaphor for Detroit: a dismaying exterior masking a noble soul—if given the chance. “Low Winter Sun” is an AMC series now available on Netflix.

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