Sunday, March 1, 2015


       A reviewer, who calls himself/herself hobbydobbie, made my being sing when he /she described my novel, THE JYNX, on Apple iTunes as a book difficult to put down.  
            I write my novels with substance and I hope readability.
In THE JYNX, a Long Island clammer, barely surviving in a dying industry, is striving to become a wood sculptor. He is seduced by a political operative who serves the cause of the conservative rich and who specializes in character assassination. The political operative provides the money that the clammer/sculptor desperately needs, makes love to him, and is the inspiration for his masterpiece, The Jynx. The sculpture transforms her into a vengeful enemy.
           Here is hobbydobbie’s succinct review:  “A wonderful read, a book I started and had a difficult time putting down.”
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