Sunday, April 17, 2016

Free downloads of four-star novel, BEN CONNOLLY in the PARIS COMMUNE

 BEN CONNOLLY in the PARIS COMMUNE by Kenneth C. Crowe, will be available for free downloads from Kindle for five days this week, from Monday (April 18, 2016) through Friday (April 22, 2016).
The book was inspired by the exploits of war correspondent Januarius MacGahan, during the uprising by the Parisian working class, led by left wing intellectuals, in the spring of 1871.
Gen. Jaroslaw Dombrowski and Louise Michel are major figures in the novel, as in real life.
In the four-star review, a reader offered the highest praise a novel can get: “Unputdownable.”

Please read it, enjoy it, and review it.

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