Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hillary, oh Hillary
Why did you run
did hubris blind you
to what Donald
would brand you:
crooked Hillary-

Your golden words
cost Wall Streeters
$225,000 a speech
a sum that resonated
with working stiffs
in MI, WI, Ohio

The added costs
were not only
Donald’s ugly words
but the four-year
nightmare America
must endure

(Written in November, 2016 as I reflected on the reasons why thousands of working class Democrats in the battleground states--either voted for Donald Trump or left their ballots blank on the presidential line. Hillary Clinton charged in the realm of $225,000 a speech, more than an ordinary worker could even dream of piling up in a lifetime--and she made more than 90 of those speeches from 2013 to 2015.)

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