Saturday, February 4, 2017

Free downloads of four-star novel of the Paris Commune

Go into battle with Gen. Jaroslaw Dombrowski and Louise Michel in my novel, BEN CONNOLLY in the PARIS COMMUNE.
The book will be available for free downloads from Kindle for five days this week, from Sunday (Feb. 5, 2017) through Thursday (Feb. 9, 2017).
Please read it, enjoy it, and review it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DEATH and BEYOND, a sonnet

Let easy death be my painless surprise
In deepest sleep with an exciting dream
My expression locked in a look so wise
Even so I am sure my wife will scream
Will I be hovering above the deathbed
Listening to what those who gather said
What a wonderfully good man he was

If there is a godly judge awaiting
My hope is that the good outweighed the bad
The scales are worth extant contemplating
If I wait too long I may end up sad
Once I cross River Styx no returning
Maybe I will be in heaven and glad
Otherwise this body may be burning

(This sonnet was written in January, 2017)